The G.A Budapest Running Team started 2020 with a frosty 5K in -5°C!


Sporting their G.A running gear, Ágota Siroki and Jennifer Chung ran 5K as part of the Zúzmara Marathon Festival.


The weather is the big selling point for this Hungarian running festival, Zúzmara means rime ice, the type of frost that coats branches and leaves creating incredible ice formations. Runners never know what the unpredictable winter weather will do, meaning there is always potential for a snowy race. This year Jenny and Ágota ran through an icy Winter Wonderland and took plenty of beautiful pictures to share.

Ágota has been running since 2012 and is the founder of the G.A Budapest Running Team, the club has participated in many competitions and always have new challenges planned. Ágota was a successful entrant for the 2019 Restless Curiosity Fund and the team now have their own G.A running wear.

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