Kaufmann Keramik is a family run business producing a stunning array of handmade, hand-glazed tiles in a vast range of enticing colours.



As we move firmly into winter, the thought of a blazing fire grows ever more appealing, and the the tiled fireplaces produced by Kaufmann Keramik are inspiring us to embrace the cold.


Despite being a relatively small family business, Kaufmann Keramik house one of the largest collections of coloured glazes in the industry – with over 90 unique colours in their collection. They even offer customisable colour options upon request.


Kaufmann Keramik’s handicraft production method allows for the customisation of every detail of the stove and fireplace tiles they produce. The designers at Kaufmann Keramic love to be challenged and so customer-designer consultation is a hugely important part of the customer experience. Making sure that all designs are functional, beautiful and unique.


“Combining design with ceramics to create sculptural wall coverings, stoves and fireplaces. Our pieces are more than just objects and products… they are the result of years of ideation & developement that ultimately bring your homes to life.” – Kaufmann Keramik

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