Next month sees the launch of the highly anticipated renovation of  the Belmond Cadogan Hotel, London. Ahead of the opening and release of the official photos, G.A are able to share a few pictures of what we hope will follow in its predecessors’ footsteps in becoming an iconic Chelsea hotel.


In a design that reflects the rich history of the hotel, a grand townhouse has been re-imagined for the 21st Century with a concept that draws upon the characters that resided at and influenced the original Cadogan. People such as Sir Hans Sloane – the creator of Kensington and Chelsea who was an eminent physician, explorer and collector – influence surprise details such as the art pieces in the minibars and the bespoke-designed timber slice tables to the seating arrangements.

In the guestrooms, mismatched night-stands and quirky pieces, all bespoke designed by G.A, give the impression that they belong to a personal collection, built up over time, whilst stone for the bathrooms was sourced from Italy and Greece with slabs individually selected for the project to ensure they met the exacting standards of the client and the property.

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