This month’s staff spotlight is awarded to budding artist Colette Chin, a Junior Designer from our G.A Kuala Lumpur office. Colette used the G.A Restless Curiosity Fund to invest in a tablet to explore a recently discovered passion, illustration.


Curiosity bites interviews Colette about her inspiration whilst taking a closer look at her work.

Incredibly Colette has only just discovered her own talent, she started drawing earlier this year creating beautiful illustrative ink drawings of her surroundings. These stunning architectural works are highly skilled and detailed observations of life and architecture in Kuala Lumpur.

After investing in a tablet a shift began in Colette’s work, from inky observational drawings in black pen and pencil Colette then discovered a full digital palette of technicolour and so began to favour candy-coloured pastel hues. Along with this change in medium came a change in subject matter. Inspired by the music and creative flair of Korean boyband BTS, Colette began a series of portraits of her favourite popstars.

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