In the first of this feature, where we profile a product or supplier that is ticking all the right boxes, we look at Dutch brand GHYCZY.

Acclaimed architect and designer Peter Ghyczy (pronounced gitsi) founded the company in 1971 and now works side by side with his son Felix Ghyczy who joined the company in 2001. Today the father and son duo continue to build on the GHYCZY heritage from their family atelier nestled in the atlands of Swalmen, the Netherlands.

Over four decades, the GHYCZY catalogue of work has grown organically from Peter Ghyczy’s strong ethos of slow design and his trademarked casting and clamping techniques of solid material; innovations that have not only paved the way for new modernist design expressions but also allowed for minimum use of material. Inspired from Peter Ghyczy’s travels and migration through central Europe, the distinct GHYCZY aesthetic combines Bauhaus minimalism with exotic Art Deco patterns and intricate details from Egyptian antiquity. 

From the classic T09 table launched in 1971, the timeless collection now encompasses table series, seating, shelving, cabinets and lighting; all made to order and hand-crafted in material with high quality patinas and nishes that increase their appeal over time. Each piece derives its elegant character from nature’s imperfections; from cracks and knots in wood to irregularities in stone and pores in metal from sand-casting, these elements are GHYCZY trademarks.  

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