At G.A our philosophy is one of Restless Curiosity. As a company, we champion opportunities to engage in creativity in the broadest sense and think outside the box. G.A Shanghai’s ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions demonstrate this perfectly.


The ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions started off with a hospitality focus, thinking specifically about important and interesting topics within the industry and the designers who were making an impression.

However, as these sessions progressed a broader sense of creativity was embraced and the Netflix series Abstract: The Art of Design became an anchor that began to facilitate fantastic conversations around artists and designers and different ways of thinking and seeing.

Then the ‘Lunch & Learn’ sessions got personal… allowing members of the Shanghai office to create their own presentations specifically about where in China they are from, inviting the rest of the team to see their hometown through their eyes and experiences. Not just the architecture and design trends of their respective cities, but the food, the culture, the geographic features –everything that makes home, home. These sessions have progressed and grown in a way that perfectly encapsulates G.A’s philosophy of Restless Curiosity.

Lunch & Learn sessions were designed to build confidence and share knowledge but also to provoke critical thinking and push boundaries, allowing the team to keep on striving for innovation and to stoke the fires of creativity within them.

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