The intention behind the design of Olive Bay Hotel was to create a sense of calm and simplicity that would allow the guest the time and space to connect with the unique and beautiful exterior landscape.


The arrival is a seamless transition from the spectacular drop off with the artfully framed view to the elegantly simple reception tables. Deliberately positioned in front of the 5 metre high glass windows, the guest are immediately immersed in the tranquillity of the bay beyond.


Finished in softly polished limestone, the floor and walls gently reflect light throughout the arrival and living area beyond.

The living area is elegantly understated but retains a great sense of warmth and intimacy. Natural tones and earth colours team with clear blue accents as a gentle acknowledgement of the valley and the sparkling blue bay beyond. Simple bookshelves line both sides of a grand fireplace linking the living area to an open and beautifully detailed retail “library.” Simple use of mirror keep the shelves light while adding sparkle and reflection.

Moving upstairs, the colours reflect the change in height by mirroring the exterior landscape, introducing the greens and golds of the exterior trees as the hotel rises up among them.


The rooms embrace the outside view while at the same time remaining warm and intimate. The planning is deliberately open allowing vistas and light into all areas of the room. Whilst the planning is deceptively simple, the subtle use of screens and slim mirror inserts has created a room of great volume and complexity. Unexpected views of the bay abound from all areas of the room and offer delightful surprises when least expected.

The restaurant, Olive, has a soaring sculptural double volume that fittingly is designed to celebrate the sky with a floating constellation of lights. Seen at night, the soft sparkle of these lights appears as a continuation of the night sky.


With a broad open kitchen on one side and the dramatic pool outside, the restaurant celebrates life and action on all sides

The room are furnished in an elegant combination of warm timbers, golden fabrics and cool marble. Timber floors throughout are dressed with bespoke rugs that echo the organic shapes outside.

The bathrooms are conceived as clean, cool nests that “perch” above the bay. Pushed to the front of the room the bespoke free standing baths sit at the edge of the glass and command spectacular views while remaining completely private and sheltered.

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