Last year we were joined in the office by contemporary artist Orlanda Broom, whose alluring and vivid work can be seen hanging pride of place in The Rosebery Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, which G.A Design renovated back in 2014. 

Taking part in our Curiosity Bites series, Broom introduced our designers to the lush, exotic landscapes and the organic, free-flowing shapes that make up her two bodies of work.

Although both styles are connected by the artist’s strong sense of colour and references to organic forms, the method in which Broom paints, differs. To create the bright and glossy abstract paintings (as seen at The Rosebery), brushes and any tools are dismissed and instead the artist allows the “natural flow and manipulation of the medium on the canvas”. This method produces paintings with a freshness and immediacy which, although abstract, feel recognisable, and suggest natural forms such as fresh blooms or delicate butterflies in flight.

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