It is not unusual for the ground-level entrance to a Japanese hotel to be something of a non-event, with the foyers often being a shared entrance for mixed-use buildings, and the hotel reception and lobby located on a higher level. For the St. Regis Osaka, this became an opportunity to take the guests on a journey, from the moment that they step foot onto the property.


G.A was tasked with creating something magnificent for the entrance to the hotel. The overall concept for the hotel centred around the sun and moon and the aim was for guests to feel as though they were moving from the cooler moonlit areas of the lower levels into the warmer sunlit floors above.

Taking inspiration from the ginkgo-lined streets of Midosuji, where the hotel is located, it seemed fitting that the St. Regis should have its own tree. G.A worked meticulously with a local artist, detailing everything from how it would be lit to how many branches the tree would have.

The final artwork is a majestic and slightly haunting sculpture. Covered in silver leaf and lit from above and behind, the surface reflects the light, showing the variations of colour and shadow, and gives the impression that the tree is bathing in moonlight. Attached to the branches are delicate crystal flowers.


The client wanted to avoid it being a static piece and so during spring, the flowers are lit with a pink glow, suggestive of the famous cherry blossom trees of Japan.

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