The Dance of the Red Crowned Crane, China’s national bird, became a strong part of the design narrative for a recent concept pitched by the G.A Group for a luxury hotel in Beijing.


The beauty and spectacular mating dances of Red Crowned Cranes’ have made them highly symbolic birds in China, they bring with them the promise of happiness and eternal youth. It is their deep roots in Asian mythology and their elegance that inspired everything from the colour palette to the architecture of this project. Located near the Beijing Olympic stadium – the Birds Nest, the Red Crowned Crane theme took on further significance.

The lobby includes thoughtful details; a private ‘Den of Heaven’ seating area with comfortable furniture invites guests to take time out from the stress of modern life and and be at one with the present. A chessboard allows guests to enjoy a game that challenges the mind. And a display case, housing top quality liquor and spirits, is framed as a ‘Treasure Chest’.

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