We felt it was time to introduce everyone to some key members of staff…


In our London and Budapest offices these furry friends are excellent team morale boosters and, aside from an occasional carpet staining present (thank you Mr Schulz…), they are very good company!


So without further ado, here are the dogs of G.A!



Owner/s: Terry McGinnity and Pippa Ayres

Office: London

Breed: Cockapoo

Birthday: …most days

Hobbies: Barking at delivery people

Running, eating and sleeping (in that order)

Eating the cat’s food and generally winding him up

Behaviours: Super relaxed (except when there’s a delivery- see above)



Owner: Matt Cockill

Office: London

Breed: English Show Cocker Spaniel

Birthday: 12 October 2018

She has 4 sisters and 3 brothers. She was born in Cambridge. I have owned her for nearly a year and a half

Favourite hobbies: Chasing squirrels

Chin rubs

Begging when G.A Contract Manager, Ryan Konson, is eating lunch

Trying to fetch any object that someone might be holding

Snoring and getting attention off anyone who will partake!

Behaviours:  Running in the opposite direction at the sight of her toothbrush or hairbrush

Ripping toilet paper to shreds if left in reach (not good in these times!)

Stealing Ollie’s toys

She has been known to be scared of: Plastic bags, Christmas wreaths, street cones, baths, bins, cats, cardboard boxes and chickens..!




Owner: Brodie Kane’s sister

Office: London

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer (although he’s the size of a standard)

Birthday: 9th September 2016

He has 5 brothers and is a Brummie. My sister has had him for 3 & a half years

Favourite hobbies: An unusual skill for hunting down any chocolate in the area which he promptly eats and makes himself very ill (too many times now)

Chasing squirrels

Finding the highest point in any room to sit

Wanting to play with any child we ever come across

Behaviours: Terrified of hoovers, skateboards, bicycles, electric scooters or any other electronic moving device

No concept of personal space

He is meant to be relocating to Singapore mid-way through this year, but currently his travel plans as you can imagine are on hold due to Covid-19

Mr Schulz


Owner: Simon Abela

Office: London

Breed: Smooth haired Miniature Dachshund (sausage)

Birthday: 13th November 2016

Born in Birmingham (you can tell from his accent)

Birth name Bayleyangels Vins Last Lad – now known as Mr Schulz or amongst friends Schulzi

Favourite hobbies: Eating scraps off the floor

Barking at cats

Sunbathing and removing the stuffing from all his toys

Behaviours: Does not understand personal space

Loves people watching especially from the living room window

Loves to ride on the back of a scooter

He has 121 loyal and highly engaged Instagram followers (@mrschulzthesausage) not quite an influencer yet but tipped to be the next big thing

He has also featured in the Fitzrovia Journal back in 2017, however he has not started contributing to the household




Owner: Juliet Eardley

Office: London

Breed: Tri colour Cockapoo

Birthday: 1st October – Born 01.10.19 so still just 6 months old!

Favourite hobbies: Running

Playing with Clarissa, Mr Eric & Raymond her puppy toys

Jumping up for attention – bad girl!

Behaviours: Wants LOVE ALWAYS

Tummy rubs best of all!



Owner: Jonathan Aeberhard

Office: London

Breed: Labrador

Birthday: 5th November, 2013

Favourite Hobbies: Theft, sleep

Behaviours: Travel – he is a Russian-born dog, that went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where we acquired him, before making his way to sunny Cambridge where he now happily resides

He can normally be found gracing the fields and pubs of South Cambridgeshire

Choco is also pretty good at tracking our 1 year old very closely for food accidentally (or not) dropped from her sweet hand

He is also the only dog that I have met who crosses his legs, perhaps that’s a Russian thing



Owner: Kármen Rózsa

Office: Budapest

Breed: Black and tan English Show Cocker Spaniel

Birthday: 26 October 2016

He has 3 sisters and 4 brothers. He was born in Sződ. I have owned him for more than 3 years

Favourite hobbies: Chasing every dog he sees

Begging for food (carrots rule dudes)

Checking out my desk when I have left it for a second

Greeting everyone in the morning with a victory run (or five)

Sleeping under my chair and bringing his teddy to work

Rolling down little hills

Behaviours:  Stealing other dog’s toys, so they will chase him and he can have his daily dose of cardio

Barking loud when seeing his friends, which makes him look scary, even though the smallest noises scare him, like a knock on the door

Cuddling every night before bed time



Owner: Nevenka Mekterovic

Office: Budapest

Breed: Beagle (I think this is more than enough to describe her mentality)

Age: 1 year and 5 months old, she has been with my family for 1 year and 2 months

Santa Claus brought her for my boy, so she was born in Lapland…

Behaviour: Paul Woods likes to describe her as MENTAL. She is definitely a little bit crazy, a hyperactive dog

Sometimes she thinks she is a cat

She eats everything, even Paul’s cat food, thankfully she is not 10cm taller so can’t grab it from his desk

Her aim in life is to destroy whatever she can (walls, floor, carpet – she particularly likes the carpet we have in the office…)

She is very good at begging.

She makes you feel she is talking to you

When we need to feel  energised in the office, I bring Tina in, she is crazy, loud, cuddly and playful but definitely not a lady!

This breed has a long life span,  15-20 years, so this is just beginning for us!

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