The Dyson Fan wall for Atlantis Dubai was an exciting project that sadly never quite came into fruition.


The Drawing Board points a spotlight on the interesting concepts thought up by G.A that never quite had their chance to shine, The Dyson Fan wall is one of these projects. Thought up in collaboration with Dyson, the idea was to create a visually interesting and practical solution to an outdoor food court in the sweltering heat of Dubai.

G.A London set out to create an aesthetically interesting wall made out of Dyson fans that rotated at different times creating an interlocking wall of movement, and of course, air! Testing was done in the London G.A office and included leaving a Dyson fan on and upside down for long periods of time, with no overheating or explosions to report it seemed the wall of fans was ready to create. However, sadly the client opted out, deciding the project was too sophisticated for the space. So for now, the Dyson fan wall is left to the drawing board.

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