The month we are delighted to spotlight, Fromental, who have been providing stunning, hand-made wallpapers, fabrics and accessories since 2005.


G.A’s residential team have specified Fromental wallcoverings in a number of projects and are continually impressed by the craftsmanship they deliver.

Launched in 2005 by Tim Butcher and Elizabeth Deshayes, Fromental works with highly skilled artisans in the UK and China creating designs with a distinctly British style. They pay tribute to historical classicism and 18th century Chinoiserie in contemporary and refreshing ways.


Their playful designs are hand-painted, hand-embroidered and custom made for each client ensuring the highest standard of craftsmanship and quality.

Fromental describe themselves as a design-led company, meaning that each of their wallcoverings are carefully crafted in studio before moving into production. This attention to detail and appreciation of craftsmanship produces designs that are timeless and contemporary, ensuring that their wallcoverings are featured in some of the most prestigious commercial and residential properties across the globe.

As well as their commitment to beautiful design, Fromental are also committed to sustainability. Their recently released statement on sustainability highlights their continued efforts to support the planet and future generations by ensuring that their artisanal techniques and use of natural materials have limited environmental impact.


‘Fromental is dedicated to sustaining the traditional skills of hand-painting and hand- embroidery to create their wallcoverings. The tradition of skilled silk painters and hand embroidery has remained unchanged in China for a millennium. We locate our studios where these historic crafts remain available… [and] supply custom wallcoverings which are made to order, resulting in minimum wastage and no stock holding.’

With beautiful designs and responsible eco-credentials, we look forward to future collaborations with Fromental.



To see more of their work, check out their website.

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