A hotel transforming to create an indelible experience, representative of the appetite for change that is Berlin
  • 2020 Winner Hotel Over 200 Rooms - Europe

Berlin has never stood still. It always transforms, advances, reverses, but in reality, never stops. The last century in the city’s life is explicitly typical for that. From the Golden Age of the 1920’s through the darker periods of the 30’s and World War, as well as the split city in the Cold War, right through to the German Reunion and modern times, Berlin has showed many faces.

This restless and vibrant attitude is what makes the city so fascinating, and was the first pillar of inspiration for the design.

layered designs

The main feature in the guestrooms is the headboard paneling with its structured grid. This represents the precise and clear attributes of the German people, with some panels “moving” and revealing a new face. Changing from day to night, from an old era to the next. The colours of the light taupe and aubergine endeavour to speak for the day and night, for the setting and rising sun as it changes. The bathroom vanity & mirror is a clear homage to the old era of the Golden Twenties and the style of Art Deco of that period. Both elements have subtle references to that age, but with a modern twist.

the spirit of Dietrich

Inspiration was taken from the Marlene's Dietrich's song in which she sings about leaving a suitcase in Berlin. The minibar credenza has been reimagined as this suitcase, the idea being that it would be filled with local products and more memorable items such as an umbrella, U-Bahn tickets, and a map, plus high end souvenirs. The narrative continues in the artwork with the guestroom pictures representing the clothes from Marlene's trunk.

a sense of place

The crisscross motif which can be seen throughout the guestrooms - on cushions, carpets, table and in the Carlton Club Suite living room pendent, represents the Potsdamer Platz crossroad junction.

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