In this article by Hotel Designs Hamish Kilburn, Editor at Hotel Designs, Jessica Morrison, Senior Associate at G.A Group was invited to join Maris Soliman, co-founder of Bergman Design House in a discussion exploring the topic of fusing creativity through meaningful collaborations.


The discussion took place at Poltrona Frau showroom in London. Poltrona Fau are an Italian furniture brand, renowned for their high quality craftsmanship and have been known to collaborate with other luxury brands.


‘We always draw from culture, whether that’s fashion, art, theatre or travel. That has always been the case. I think collaborations between manufacturers and fashion designers are really interesting because they will bring different experience and detailing forward. As a designer, you try to be sensitive to everything’

– Jessica Morrison


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Hotel Designs also hosts the annual Brit List Awards where Jessica Morrison was awarded the Interior Designer of the Year Award while G.A Group were runners up and highly commended for our most recent project 1 Hotel Mayfair in the Public Areas of the Year award.


You can find the winners of all 12 categories on the following link:

Photography by OL Visual

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