What are the three biggest trends emerging in wellness design?


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Sustainability – Something that is being talked about throughout the architectural interior design industry but is even more prominent in wellness design to create an holistic wellness experience for guests. There are many ways in which a designer can achieve a sustainable approach with many suppliers and manufacturers providing sustainably sourced materials. This is the obvious route, but there are many other avenues of achieving a sustainable design such as the use of natural light, the flow of air throughout the space and utilising a connection to outside and the importance this has mentally.


This leads nicely on to another trend which is the connection with nature and biophilia. Of course, the other key wellness trend is a personalised service, tailoring to the individuals’ specific needs.

This feature has developed with the use of integrated technology that can enable the trainer and equipment to instantly understand the guests needs and respond to unlock the maximum potential.

Images below from 1 Hotel, Mayfair – G.A Group most recent sustainable project, connecting with nature.
Photo Credit – Jon Day Photography (lobby) Milo Brown (guestroom)

While working on a wellness area such as AWAKEN, how does the creative process start and where do you look for inspiration?


We start with research, forming an understanding which leads us into creating a narrative, the story that forms the basis of the design that channels and focuses our thought process. This then forms the backbone of the project moving forward and influences our layouts, details, and materiality.


Images below – research into materiality and layout of salon within the wellness area at Atlantis The Royal dating back to 2018.


The full project

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