For our 20th issue of Curiosity Bites, we have curated a list of film recommendations.


Taking you across the globe and back in time, from comedies and thrillers to reality television, here is a selection of some of our favourite G.A hotels featured on film, TV and in literature…

Corinthia London


Designed by G.A as a Grand Hotel for the 21st Century, Corinthia London has become a popular culture icon. A hot spot for celebrities, the hotel is often used for press releases and photo shoots featuring some of our favourite Hollywood stars.


Red Sparrow


An American spy thriller that will keep you on your toes. Jennifer Lawrence stars as a Russian ballerina who becomes an intelligence operative –  lurid, bloody and very entertaining.


Jennifer Lawrence’s character Dominica is set up for an exchange of crucial information in, none other than, the five-star Corinthia London.


The film’s promotional event was also later held at the hotel, with Jennifer Lawrence dressed in a stunning Versace gown.

X Factor


It seems Corinthia London has the X factor. The hotel became home for 2012’s X Factor contestants.


Winner James Arthur commented, ‘It’s absolutely amazing here. I’ve never really seen anything like it to be honest.’

The Assassin


‘Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, is the most dangerous city in the world. And when a mission to break the local cartel’s grip goes wrong, Isabella Rose, the Angel, finds herself on the wrong side of prison bars.’


Author Mark Dawson mentions Corinthia London in his suspenseful adventure fiction The Assassin.



Corinthia London, formerly the Metropole Building, was often depicted as MI6 HQ in James Bond comic strips.


So, as a nod to its past, the official announcement for Skyfall was made at a press conference in the hotel.

Crazy Rich Asians – St. Regis Langkawi 


Designed with glamour at the forefront,  St. Regis Langkawi is reminiscent of  European Riviera luxury, with fresh and light interiors and grand open spaces. So of course it was a filming location in the 2018 box office hit Crazy Rich Asians.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – The Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat


Two con men decide that it is impossible for both of them to operate in the same territory. They place a bet that involves robbing an heiress, where the loser must leave town forever… The Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat, one of our favourite archived G.A projects, features heavily in this 1980’s comedy classic.



The Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat is also where Charlie Chaplin learnt to swim.

Walk, Don’t Run – Hotel Okura Tokyo


In Carey Grant’s final film role, he is turned away from Hotel Okura Tokyo when arriving in Japan for the 1964 Olympic Games.

Chariots of fire – St. Andrews Hotel


The beach run, which opens and closes Chariots of Fire, has become one of the most iconic scenes in British cinema. The cast and crew for this Oscar-winning film were house in the St. Andrews Hotel, an old G.A project.

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