Our staff spotlight allows us to share some of the fantastic projects our team of creatives at G.A get up to in their spare time. For this edition of Curiosity Bites we are delighted to shine the spotlight on the beautiful illustrative work of G.A Residential Job Captain, Gaelle Wedlake. In response to a strange year of lockdowns and restrictions due to Covid19, Gaelle has managed to find a fulfilling creative outlet that perfectly blends beautiful drawings with humorous catchphrases, creating one of a kind prints and greeting cards for all occasions!

This has been a particularly challenging time that has seen many people take to art and craft as a form of release. Has drawing always been a form of creative expression that you turn to?


Yes drawing has always been a go-to for me, I’ve found it very therapeutic this past year in particular. I’ve always found comfort in making things, whether it be drawing, painting, arts & crafts, it brings me a degree of satisfaction like no other. I think it’s just some way to slow down, take the time to observe & notice all the little things, paying attention to detail & taking the time to appreciate & discover something new.

From proud lions to cuddly koalas, animals seem to be your main source of inspiration! Has this always been the case?


I used to draw pretty much anything, just sit somewhere and sketch, whether it be a landscape, a building, people.. A few years ago I started getting requests from family & friends and it always tends to be animals, so I organically went in that direction.

Your prints, in particular, are incredibly intricate and detailed, how long does it take you to complete a piece of work?


I would say between 10 & 15 hours, depending on the animal.

To have a look at Gaelle’s work and purchase her art and cards, follow the link:

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