A giant electromechanical artwork, synchronised with the earth’s daily rotation provides the backdrop to Reception in a concept that G.A created for a new hotel in Asia.

On entering the hotel guests are greeted with what appears to be a giant sun or moon, in various degrees of exposure, depending on their time of arrival; the idea being that the image would be made up of hundreds of light cubes that change one by one, in an artistic interpretation of the world clock and an ode to the old-fashioned LED ticker clocks.  

This artwork made up part of a progressive study looking at the public areas of the hotel. In-depth research was undertaken looking into new ways of breaking down the space and to test the boundaries within.  

Giant cast brass screens based on the traditional Chinese Abacus divide the space into dedicated zones and the double-height volume is further accentuated by the use of vertical lines in both the screens and the giant pendent lights.  

A floating wine cellar, or ‘wine cube’, hangs above the bar, encouraging guests to look up and admire the extensive collection of bottles available whilst an equally striking lighting feature mimics the flight of butterflies; the light following the movement of the guests as they move beneath it.

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