We are counting down the days until our next opening – the renovation of the renowned One&Only Le Saint Géran in Mauritius.

G.A are responsible for the transformation of the restaurants and public areas in a design that honours its surroundings with a cool, contemporary, beach-inspired aesthetic.

A picture-perfect location, the resort connects with the beach and its environment in a very immediate and accessible way.  The design celebrates this connection, maintaining all the openness of the original resort and further emphasising its easy relationship with the elements.

These images are a sneak peek at Tapasake, the resort’s pan-Asian and tapas fusion restaurant.

Sitting on the edge of an idyllic lagoon, the thatched restaurant perches atop stilts and features an interactive teppanyaki station and over-water seating that affords diners breathtaking sunsets.

The approach to Tapasake has been transformed with a focused entry gallery leading to two generous weathered timber doors.  Through the doors, the soft image of an Asian face, hand painted on crafted timber beads, is gently glimpsed as it moves in the breeze.

Handwoven fishing baskets are transformed into a sculptural school of lanterns that swim through the restaurant.  Individually laid marble mosaic tiles line the cooking counters and add vibrancy to the new teppan station.  A stripped back and elegant pier extends into the waters of the bay.  Generous chairs and gently swinging lounges line the edge of the pier while a long communal table acts as both bar and gathering space.

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