Our Resonance Process is unique to us, it is the response to an understanding that design needs to have value, it needs to inspire, connect and provide an experience. Resonance happens when brand narrative meets design thinking.



M Social sits within the Millennium Hotels collection, the brief was to position it as a standout lifestyle concept that embraces technology in a way that encourages people to socialise and interact with one another. A place for trendsetters and urban adventurers.



Brand architecture & strategy
Brand design
Brand guidelines
Consumer insights
Mobile app.
Advertising (ATL and digital) Film

Brand architecture & strategy:


We know that Brands with a purpose out-perform the stock-market by 120% and we know that to create design that Resonates, we have to give it meaning. We do that by developing a brand that understands its competitor and customer context.


Today’s global explorers, with their desire for travel, adventure and exploration, are the It-market to target for M Social. The importance of this demographic has led to a meteoric rise in ‘lifestyle’ hotels, characterised by a more bespoke experience-led approach – creating something to truly write (or post) home about.


So, the question was: how do we make M Social stand out in a crowd who all claim to cater to this adventurous mindset?


The answer: by having a clearly defined and articulated brand purpose and narrative that resonates with this audience.


M Social’s target audience is comprised of a diverse set of people from different countries and of varying ages. They are, however, united by a similar mindset. M Social’s guests can be commonly characterised by their adventurous spirit, pursuit of enriching experiences and desire for freedom. They are more ‘explorers’ than ‘tourists’ and want to associate with brands who have a purpose and values aligned with their own; global travellers who love all things open, including spaces, thinking, and expression. These global explorers are heavily influenced by social media and turn to their online contemporaries, rather than traditional travel advertising, when choosing their next travel destination.


By developing the brand from an experiential perspective, we were able to create a visual brand identity and guidelines that felt totally integrated and connected. They feed off each other and the result is a harmonious guest experience.

Brand Manifesto:


Everyone should have the freedom to be themselves. Freedom to do what they want, how they want, with whoever they want, whenever they want. Freedom to reach their full potential in a world of possibility.

We live in an era defined by our ability to connect, interact and share – ideas, information,inspiration and ideologies. A time when physical borders are becoming meaningless and diversity and difference are celebrated. Born from the harmonious Singaporean spirit and can-do attitude, we champion experimentation, innovation and are always looking around us to identify the interesting and exciting. We believe in the power of collaboration as an explosive force for good; one people, one planet.

We provide the stage. You come as yourself.


Once the core Brand Experience Concept was crafted, G.A Design began creating Interior Design ideas that illustrated the sense of fun and disruption that became a crucial part of M Social’s brand identity. These bight, colourful and enticing visuals were formed from a brief that puts the guest experience first.

We end with brand amplification:


Using paid, owned and earned media to amplify the brand and bring M Social’s purpose to life through a range of marketing activities in various media.


Paid media includes online, magazine and outdoor advertising, everything from  billboards to magazine spreads.


Owned media refers to the M Collection website, app and branded social media pages.


Earned media looks at social campaigns, branding event series’, partnerships, sponsorships and PR.

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