Created in Shanghai to bridge the gap between East and West, Stellar Works create timeless furniture pieces that blend heritage, modernity, craft and industry. Bringing Asian sensibility and craftsmanship to the European market.


Craftsmanship, sustainability, ‘Made In Shanghai’ – these are at the root of everything Stellar Works produces.



Stellar Works’ mission to bridge the gap between East and West comes from a place of understanding. The core of traditional culture comes from a long-standing history of craftsmanship. By embracing the roots of Asian industry and marrying this with Western artistry, truly timeless design is born.



Stellar Works believe that sustainability is a crucial part of good design, this means that responsible sourcing is a key component to each of their product’s stories.

‘Made In Shanghai’


Challenging the perception that China specialises only in the low quality and mass produced, Stellar Works’ products wear their Made In Shanghai labels proudly. The company has offices and showrooms globally and has a portfolio that boasts exciting projects in all sectors from retail, hospitality and office spaces to residential and cultural developments.

Last month Stellar Works launched the first round of its new 2020 collection, the new pieces celebrate the brands’ heritage while maintaining a global appeal. Great craftsmanship and design that goes beyond following trends.

St. Regis Osaka, a G.A project is proudly presented in Stellar Works’ online portfolio and G.A look forward to a continued relationship with the company in projects to come.

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