A calming arrival

The arrival area incorporates natural stone and timber finishes, accompanied by the gentle sound of running water to quieten the mind, awaken the senses, and offer an overall sense of wellbeing upon entry. The shallow water pool and back lit panels evoke Japanese courtyard design elements, borrowing gentle features from nature.

Above the lobby hangs a bespoke ceiling feature inspired by Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing), with the LED light elements, representing sun rays breaking through the tree branches.

Creating comfort though natural forms

For the guestrooms, forms found in nature inspire the design elements. All furniture and lighting reflect natural colours and shapes echoed in the surrounding landscape. The soft curve of the entry wall from the lobby is both inviting and provides a greater sense of space. The full height mirrors at the window also add to the spacious feel. The aim was to keep the windows as wide as possible to maximize the connection with the city outside. Full width fabric blinds were used to open the view and elegant sheers soften the light. Hand-blown amber glass lamps accompany the bathroom side of each bed, and a dual access bathroom provides an open-plan layout.

Well-being haven

The dedicated wellness floor incorporates a heavenly spa, with a heated indoor swimming pool and state-of-the-art Fitness Studio. The spa and pool area continue the fresh and organic style that is seen throughout. The reception area floor is finished in a green and white Italian marble, complementing the fresh green of the accessories. Delicate porcelain leaves provide the sophisticated art concept throughout the space, and green tinted Washi paper decorates the walls of the relaxation area.

Panoramic views

Situated at the top of the building, CODE bar sits in a glazed corner overlooking the panoramic views of the city. This was placed purposefully in the centre of the room so that guest can appreciate the views from every seat. The tall canopy over the counter acts as a giant lantern that can be seen from other buildings, like a light house over the sea.

The Iron Bay is the Hotel’s Speciality Restaurant. The high level of culinary expertise is echoed by the level of finish and detail which becomes richer and darker. Decorative black veined marble is used in the counters, and the walls are finished in a rich blackened timber. A giant Washi-paper inspired light pendant in the ceiling adds a simple but pure touch to the space.