Recently Giles Miller, Artist, worked along-side David Clixby, Director at G.A Group and the team on a significant piece at London Hilton on Park Lane.
His piece ‘Falling Still’ really resonated with the designers at G.A and with David so we thought it would be lovely to meet with Giles and delve deeper into his work and this piece.

Anna, Group Marketing Executive at G.A Group – Firstly, can you tell us a little about you and Giles Miller Studio.

Giles Miller –
‘We are a design and art sculpture studio. It’s kind of hard to put it in a box as we work on a range of projects from murals to sculptures and architectural projects – a wide variety of scale and application. I started the studio back in 2011 so around 12 years ago. We’re UK-based but we have people working remotely from all over. We’ve got quite a small core team of specialists, but we work with all sorts of craftsmen and artists on a day-to-day basis.’

‘We knew that people would be walking around the piece and viewing it from all different angles so lighting, material and positioning were really important. We wanted something that didn’t reflect too strongly like a mirror so we introduced an anodized finish which has a kind of softness to it and reflects the light very nicely. That was where the material choice came from as well as the fact that aluminum’s a recycled and recyclable material. The light dances with the leaves and you get this energy and different perspectives as you move around it.
The fixing method we used was innovative to this piece, something we try to encourage within all of our work. Most suspended sculptural pieces are a cluster of components that create a form but, in this instance, we developed and engineered a new design of fixing. This enabled us to choose the exact rotation and angle which each leaf would be held and controlled at to create this kind of rolling effect.’

Are you working on any other exciting projects at the minute?
‘Yes, quite a varied range of projects in different places of different scales. We’re trying to build on this piece itself because every project for us is a kind of iteration of an ongoing creative thread.
I’m quite excited about a project we’re doing in Paris at the moment, which is a large-scale mural. That will be a surface-based artwork, which is what we originally worked on as a studio. It’s a very large-scale project just off the Champs Elysees, which is exciting in both context and scale. And then at the same time we’re working on some of the smallest works we’ve done, which is some wearable sculpture and jewellery pieces. So I’m quite enjoying that mix of scale and application which it keeps things fresh for us.’


Thank you Giles for meeting with me and we hope we get the opportunity to collaborate on another project in the future!


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