Distinctive mid-century pose

London Hilton on Park Lane emerged as a revolutionary architectural statement and a symbol of style during the 1960’s.
Our objective was to restore and elevate the building’s distinctive mid-century pose – a reimagining of its original identity.
This transformation was planned to coincide with the celebration of the hotel’s 60th anniversary.

Organic forms and natural tones

Elements of nature are integrated into the hotel’s interiors through organic forms, calming tones and luxurious materiality, celebrating the natural beauty and opulence of Hyde Park.

A captivating kinetic art piece 'Falling Still' by Giles Miller in the lobby symbolises the graceful descent of autumn leaves, gently fluttering in the wind.

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Park Corner Brasserie

'Park Corner Brasserie' interiors are further infused with the essence of the park. A fresh colour palette and textured materiality were chosen, complemented by thoughtfully curated accessories. The marble floor adds a playful touch to the space resembling stepping stones through the park.

Timeless elegance

The 26th-floor has 2 different suite concepts, both draw inspiration from the timeless elegance and style of the 60’s, mirroring the sophistication of surrounding iconic areas like Sloane Square and Saville Row.

Traditional ambience

The 27th floor is home to two further suite concepts where more of a traditional ambiance unfolds. Inspired by Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, and the regal equestrian elements witnessed during parades of the King's Horse Guard, these suites evoke a classic and royal atmosphere.