An annexe to
'The Great House'
of a bygone era
  • 2023 Shortlisted UK retail design

Harrods Sunglasses is an addition to the White Hall situated on the Ground Floor, at the heart of Harrods, Knightsbridge. It sits within one of the largest Beauty Halls in Europe, designed by G.A Group as a ‘Great House’ of a bygone era.

Refinement through tinted glass

The third phase of the Beauty Hall renovation was to create a sanctuary for the sunglasses brands with an individual character of its own. Design cues were taken from the rich heritage of Harrods in parallel with the overarching design narrative of The Great House. Tinted plum glass was introduced to ‘ground the space’ within the predominately white room and give the retail space a strong personality, whilst allowing customers to view the beautiful display of eyewear.

The soft colour tone was carefully selected to complement the existing Breccia Capraia, Italian marble. Terrazzo and soft nickel metal finishes were carried through from the White Hall to ensure the two retail spaces had a synergy.

Delicate Satin-Nickel Archways

Taking inspiration from the architecture of an orangery, delicate satin-nickel archways were incorporated into the top of the framework. Curved glass corners create vitrines framing hero products and help with the customer flow through the busy heart of the store.
The Calacatta Lincoln marble back wall has been dressed with hand-made plaster abstract leaves reinforcing the garden narrative.

A place to reflect

An orangery is traditionally known for its wonderful light filled views in all directions. Taking inspiration from this, mirrors are cleverly integrated into the display units. The brass finished oval mirrors echo the arched forms of the framework.
Further mirrors on pivots and slimline mirrors built into the framework give customers ample opportunity to try the latest frames.

Brass lamps in the shape of draped leaves highlight the luxury products on the marble central fixtures giving a softer layer of lighting to compliment the integrated shelving lighting throughout.

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