Seamlessly integrates the rainforest within the hotel’s DNA

Nestled next to Bukit Nanas (Pineapple Hill) forest reserve, the last area of untouched primary rainforest left in the heart of the city, Hotel Indigo Kuala Lumpur on the park fuses nature, culture and urban living.

All design elements from artwork to signage to touch points are 'rojak moments' that work together to create a seamless narrative that integrates the local rainforest and culture within the hotel’s DNA, echoing the relationship between nature and the urban environment.
'Rojak' is a popular Southeast Asian salad, known for its diverse mix of ingredients that come together to create a signature dish that represents the Malaysian multi-cultural society.

G.A Design were responsible for all public space interiors, guestrooms & suites while working closely with G.A Brand who were tasked with developing the signage and wayfinding.

Embracing the natural environment

The journey begins on the 5th level, where the lobby serves as introduction to the hotel’s story of embracing the natural environment, with a double height green wall.
A distinctive focal point within the lobby is the central staircase, constructed from old railway sleepers and rebar from the construction site.

Reception desks are crafted from old tree roots initiating a cycle of life associated with every touchpoint within the hotel.

A sculptural tree with glass bottles for branches, envisioned by G.A Group, is a beautiful display illustrating the recycling and repurposing of natural resources.

Guestroom corridors

Inspired by the Malaysian "kaki lima" or five-foot way, the guestroom corridors feature a covered walkway often found in front of shops. These are decorated with shapes and forms of the old Kampung house eaves translated into bold and vibrant cut out paper.

Evoke memories and spark thoughts

In each guestroom, a traditional dry larder conceals a mini bar, while a congkak board and cloth bags, from the traditional game Batu Seremban, add playful yet thought-provoking touch to the space.
These elements evoke memories for those familiar and spark thoughts or talking points for those traveling from out of town.