A modern look at classical styles.

The intention for the new design of this project was to invigorate the hotel and broaden the market by appealing to a youthful demographic, whilst remaining faithful to the current clientele, and authentic to the hotel’s history. The client also needed a space to display their personal collection of twelve original Edvard Munch paintings and felt strongly that these should be accessible to everyone.

Working with the rich history of this grand hotel.

Being charged with the responsibility of redesigning one of Oslo’s grand hotels and one with such a renowned history was a unique challenge in itself. The new design needed to introduce a new generation to the charm and heritage of the Continental Hotel, whilst creating a modern and vibrant bar in the heart of the property.

Luxurious colours, fabrics and finishes.

A sumptuous palette of teals, moody greys and brass detailing, becoming darker and richer in the snug area. Decadent fabrics and finishes have been used throughout – pony skin, embossed and punched leather, marble – and above the bar hangs a ring of glowing pendants inspired by lights from the 1900’s. The reconfigured layout opens out the space, placing the new island bar centre stage – a perfect platform for the theatre of cocktail-making.