Paragon, defined as a person or thing that is regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality.

One of the benefits of becoming an American Express Centurion Cardmember, is the opportunity to attend an exclusive portfolio of events, curated by AmEx, affording members access to incredible music, sport, food, and art experiences.

G.A’s role was to create a communications strategy specifically for their Hong Kong division, one that was fitting for the brand, and its members.

The solution

a high-end quarterly brochure; an emblematic key to unlock the special events, with this idea of access becoming the springboard for the overall design concept.

First impressions

It was important for the premium experience to begin as soon as the members received their copy. The envelope is designed to feel as if opening it, is like unwrapping a gift; the linear pattern, printed on a smooth thick vellum, reminiscent of luxury fashion brands.

Hidden layers

On the cover, the Paragon logo, both a geometric interpretation of a key, and the letter P, wraps around the spine of the black matte cover, in black foil. A discreet detail that suggests a secretive element to the brochure, but also hints at the quality of the product. The tactility of the materials playing an equally important role.

Inside the brochure, the clean, minimal design continues. There is a calmness and sense of order. Much like the bespoke nature of Paragon’s events, everything is artfully and purposefully done.

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