A ‘shadow play’ design was created for the signage that referenced the concept of the stage and foot-lights from Chinese opera

The Renaissance Hanghzhou is a new-build hotel in one of China’s most historic and culturally significant cities. The brief was to execute the graphics and signage system design for the hotel, co-ordinating closely with the other project consultants.

The interior design of the project had a traditional ‘Chinese opera’ theme – a stimulating and busy environment. The client wanted the signage design and system to reflect and incorporate this interior theme.

Collaborative design

This concept required painstaking co-ordination with the lighting consultant to ensure the final design package produced exactly the right result – careful calibrations were made of the angle and play of the light to create the effect.

The result was a beautiful fusion of context and culture into the existing interior design – interesting and playful enough to attract attention, whilst being simple and clear enough to function excellently.

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