Vibrant energy and natural vitality

Seasons by Oliviere is the newly renovated restaurant at W Taipei, where every detail is crafted to celebrate the essence of fresh produce and culinary passion. G.A were invited back 12 years after the original completion of the hotel to renew the dining experience and guestrooms (due to be completed 2024).

Drawing inspiration from the lively ambiance of a bustling marketplace, our design invites guests on a sensory journey, infusing the space with vibrant energy and natural vitality. Each station is uniquely designed, reflecting its own character while evoking the rustic charm of a farmers' market with natural wood accents and adaptable pulley systems, also adding flexibility to the space.

A symphony of textures and tones

As guests explore the space, they encounter a symphony of textures and tones. Dark canvas' behind the cooking stations serve as a stage accentuating the culinary magic and passion of the chefs, framed by copper hoods, adding elegance and depth to the space.

With delicate layers and screens, natural light filters through to the restaurant, casting a golden glow throughout the day. As evening falls, gentle illumination of rush weaving from above, along with the soft glow of wall pendants and table lights, orchestrates a seamless transition from the vibrancy of the day to the allure of night.

Unique focal points

The main dining area is thoughtfully divided into three distinct zones, each with its own unique focal point. One boasts a terrace overlooking the pool with foliage throughout, another showcases a commissioned artwork while the final space offers breath-taking views over Taipei.
Angled mirrors have been thoughtfully integrated into the design to extend views, ensuring every seat is desirable and every guest feels embraced by the captivating surroundings.