Every detail is bespoke, from the Rosebery china to the uniforms.
  • 2014 Winner Best Café/Bar/All Day Dining

  • 2014 Shortlisted Best Spa Hotel

  • 2014 Shortlisted Best Renovation

Conceived as an elegantly relaxed morning room, the renovation of the Rosebery Lounge draws on the hotel’s original DNA to transform the rooms into a light-filled, sparkling destination with the impression of a garden room.

The new rooms are a re-imagining of the original tea rooms of the hotel’s heyday in the 1920s, breathing life, light and joy back into the original. Reflecting the proximity to Hyde Park, the room's colours are fresh, vibrant and pastoral, while forms are soft and refined.

Grand reflections

Subtle use of antiqued mirror gently reflects light throughout the rooms and cleverly transforms the bay windows, opening up a wonderful vista to Knightsbridge whilst every detail has been designed to relate to the ides of the gardens and the park.

Nature as art

The art is a wonderful combination of the beautifully sublime and joyfully vibrant. From the exquisite “moving” video art above the bar, to the organic topographic pressings, they were all individually commissioned and all subtly underline the garden theme. Pride of place goes to the beautifully vibrant high gloss art of Orlanda Broom, a vivacious celebration of life that beautifully complements the room and attitude of the renovation.

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