Encapsulating the strength and spirit of feminity

A new venue for Dubai with the welcoming feel of a majestic home encapsulating the sprit and strength of femininity.
The essence of the narrative is driven by the city of Kashan in the province of Isfahan Iran. Inspired by the historic villas and their gardens and the colours of the surrounding environment. Pink roses and their petals harvested for rosewater, historical turquoise found in traditional tiles and cooling water features formed the basis of the colour palette.

Beautiful Iranian Design Language

The design concept for the restaurant in Atlantis The Royal, Dubai is inspired by a majestic home in the city of Kashan, Iran. The aim is to create a space that reflects the traditional Iranian design language, incorporating elements such as traditional plasters and chamber layouts.

Bold colours & soft elegant forms

One of the main objectives of the design is to celebrate femininity and the strength of Iranian women, as well as paying homage to the chef Ariana Bundy. This is achieved through the use of bold colours and soft elegant forms throughout the restaurant.
The overall design aims to create a feminine but strong space that embodies the traditions of Iran and is befitting of the luxurious atmosphere of Atlantis The Royal in Dubai.

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