A luxury, experiential destination like no other

Atlantis The Royal brings a new generation of luxury resort to Dubai.
This iconic landmark welcomes guests to an experience that transcends, a destination where everything has been designed to challenge the boundaries of imagination.

The resort features 795 elegant rooms, suites, and signature penthouses, all offering views of the Dubai skyline or the Arabian Sea. Additionally, 44 of the suites include private infinity pools.

G.A Group was tasked with creating a seamless and compelling narrative that could resolve numberless planning, design and technical challenges.

The narrative is centred on the notion of water and water-based moments throughout the property, distinguishing it form the ocean-centric emphasis found at the sister hotel, Atlantis, The Palm.

Water as a narrative

The original design story is inspired by the Bedouins of the Arabian desert. The tribes would traverse thousands of miles across the sand dunes, navigating by water wells that served as the lifeblood of the desert.
The resort celebrates water as a precious commodity with water features, sculptures, and elements throughout the property, guiding guests on their journey.

Rather than focusing solely on water in its liquid form, we explored the concepts of reflection and weightlessness, which are embodied in the destination stair.

Jellyfish aquariums

Atlantis The Royal’s jellyfish aquarium is one of the biggest in the world and can be found in Resonance bar by Heston Blumenthal. At seven metres deep and holding 63,000 litres of water, the aquarium is home to 4,000 Moon jellyfish (Aurelia Aurita) that have been bred at Atlantis, The Palm by a specialist team of aquarists within the resorts’ fish husbandry centre. One unique aspect of the jellyfish aquarium is its kreisel (cylindrical) shape and flow. This ensures the jellyfish are suspended weightlessly in the middle of aquarium and do not touch the sides.

Atlantis The Royal’s three fish aquariums can be found in the main lobby of the resort. Home to 7,200 marine animals and 32 species, guests can see a vast variety of tropical fish, including purple tangs, lookdown fish and surgeon fish. Designed as an artistic interpretation of natural life in the middle of the desert, the three lobby aquariums at Atlantis The Royal are very much the differentiating factor between the lobbies of both resorts. The aquariums are designed to use unique LED screen technology to create a dynamic light play between the resident fish and silhouettes to create constant movement of schooling fish and dappled sunlight.

The creation of these aquariums from conceptualisation and visualisation, detailed design and installation, required thousands of hours of painstaking attention and co-ordination by G.A, working closely with a number of partners both virtually and on-site over a number of years.

NOBU by the beach

This is the first beach/ pool concept for the NOBU brand

Gentle blues & shimmering pearls

The theme of each guestroom and suite continues the connection with water but in a refined and abstract way, from the soft lines of the sofa to the undulating tones in the carpets, becoming more dramatic the higher up the building guests go.

From the gentle blues of the Seascape room, to the shimmering pearls of a Horizon Penthouse, all the way up to the dramatic hues of orange and red coral coloured walls of the Panoramic Penthouse.

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